Sunshine Islands
Claire - HM
Name: Kraehe
Gender: Female
Title: Grandee Veg Lvl 99
Ranch: Crow Ranch
Birthday: Summer 6
Date: Summer 30th Year 4
Money: 39,0267G

On Hand: 19
Total: 89
To go: 11
Islands Raised: 15
Suntones Needed: Spring tree crops, Summer tree crops, Mayo maker x100, Cheese maker x100, Yoghurt maker x100, Butter maker x100, Seed maker x100, Yarn maker x100, Thresher x100, Flour Mill x100, Child x5 gifts

Cooking: 1 entry; 1 Bronze
Crop: 10 entreies; 8 Gold, 2 Silver
Animal: 13 entries; 5 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Mining: 2 entries; 2 Gold
Fishing: 2 entires; 2 Silver

Chickens: 8
Normal: 4
Mori: 10 Hearts: 1 Gold Award, 1 Silver Award, 1 Brozne Award; Silver Medal
Kyoya: 10 Hearts
Renge: 10 Hearts
Ristu: 9 Hearts
Silkie: 4
Yasu: 1 Heart
Ranka: 2 Hearts
Taka: 2 Hearts
Nozuka: 2 Hearts

Cows: 4
Normal :2
Hikaru: 10 Hearts: 1 Gold Award, 1 Bronze Award; Copper Medal
Neko: 10 Hearts
Jersey: 2
Sato: 10 Hearts
Shi: 7 Hearts

Sheep: 1
Normal: 1
Kaoru: 10 Hearts
Suffolk: 2
Chika: 10 Hearts
Ryoji: 6 Hearts

Tamaki: 8 Hearts: 3 Gold Awards; Silver Medal. Champ Record: 13.3s.
Haruhi: 5 Hearts. Champ record: 20m
Hani: 1 Heart.
Zawa: 5 Hearts. Champ record: 32.2s

Wild Animals
Mouse: 9 Hearts. 20 Mice.
Sparrow: 6 Hearts. 20 Sparrow.
Rabbit: 5 Hearts. 20 Rabbits.
Duck: 10 Hearts. 20 Ducks.
Badger: 4 Hearts. 13 Badgers.
Monkey: 1 Heart. 2 Monkies.

Recipes Known:
6/11 Salad
8/34 Soup/Drinks
26/62 Appetizers
30/57 Mains
19/36 Deserts
8/38 Others

47/143 Fish Caught
38/40 Mushrooms Found

14/33 Crops
32/224 Cooked Dishes
18/21 Ores
10/11 Fish Items
12/16 Animal Products
29/61 Other Items

Elliot: 10 Hearts
Vaughn:: 10 Hearts
Denny: 10 Hearts
Pierre: 9 Hearts
Will: 10 Hearts
Mark: 8 Hearts
Shea: 10 Hearts
Natalie: 5 Hearts
Julia: 7 Hearts
Sabrina: 3 Hearts
Lanna: 7 Hearts
Lily: 4 Hearts
W. Princess: 1 Heart
Alisa: 5 Hearts
Taro: 8 Hearts
Felicia: 9 Hearts
Mirabelle: 7 Hearts
Chen: 5 Hearts
Charlie: 4 Hearts
Gannon: 3 Hearts
Eliza: 4 Hearts
Regis: 4 Hearts
Nathan: 2 Hearts
Wada: 4 Hearts
Witchkin: 3 Hearts
H. Goddess: 5 Hearts
Cliff: 2 Hearts
Dr. Trent: 3 Hearts
Karen: 4 Hearts
Popuri: 5 Hearts
Kirk: 1 Heart
Nick: 2 Hearts
Halia: 2 Hearts
Carol: 2 Hearts
Martin: 2 Hearts
Ray: 2 Hearts
Slater: 1 Heart
Isaac: 1 Heart

Harvest Sprites:
Red: Agete, Cherry, Coral. 0 Hearts.
Orange: Cinnabar. 0 Hearts
Yellow: Primrose. 0 Hearts
Green: Matcha. 0 Hearts
Blue: El. 0 Hearts
Indigo: Seiran. 0 Hearts
Violet: Wisteria. 0 Hearts

Mined: 6/21 Items
Mine Info:
Rocks Broken: 219
Lava Extinguished: 112
Timews Falled: 99
Times Dug: 235
Deepest Floor Reached: 50
Times Bottom Floor Reached: 0

Buildings: 29%

House: 19%
Size: M
Stone Tool Box: Size S
Stone Beauty Box: Size S
Stone Cabinet: Size S
Stone Fridge: Size M
Kitchen: Yes
Bath: No
Restroom: No
Husband's Bed: No
Kid's Bed: No

Stable: 0%
Dispenser: S

Coop: 50%
Size: M
Dispenser: S
Incubators: 2
Feeders: 8
Shipping Bin: None

Barn: 45%
Size: M
Dispenser: S
Birthing Pens: 1
Feeders: 8
Shipping Bin: None

Supply Shed: 30%
Size: S
Materials: Wood, Stone
Wood: 399
Stone: 999+

Maker: 42%
Size: S
Shipping Bin: None
Mayonnaise Maker: Yes
Cheese Maker: Yes
Yoghurt Maker: None
Butter Maker: None
Yarn Maker: Yes
Seed Maker: Yes
Thresher: None
Flour Mill: None
Quality Improver: None

Green House: 0%

Topics of Note, Made by Me
Claire - HM
Village of Twins: Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Villagers

Profiles of all the bachelors, bachelorettes and Villagers from the yet-to-realse Harvest Moon ten; Village of Twins.
Bachelors After Marriage

In depth scripts for marraige with the Sunshine Island Bachelors.
bachelorettes after marriage

Pokemon Platinum
Claire - HM

Gender: Female
Badges: 8
Hall of Fame: x14
Play Time: 145+ Hours
Score: 17292

Current team:
Dragonite lvl 100
Dewgong lvl 100
Togekiss lvl 50
Gabite lvl 33(Training for evolution)

Current Goals:
Fill Pokedex
Fill Villa

Future Goals:
Battle Tower

Obtained: 465/492
Pokemon Needed:
Garchomp {Gabite in training}

I don't have wifi atm so I can't use the global terminal D: So I'm stuck catchin' them all on my own... Or trading them XD Which is how I got all the legendaries~

Teh First
Claire - HM
Hey there :)

If you're here then you've probably been directed from my Ushi siggy! Well done! Thanks for coming to check out my Farm ^____^

On this LJ I'll be posting constant updates of my Harvest Moon DS, DS Cute, Island of Happiness and Rune Factory 1 and 2 games! At the moment it'll be mainly Cute and IoH as my other games are boring me atm....

Anyway here's my current farms! Btw, this is gonna be crazy in depth. Like Lists and everything!!


Name: Kraehe
Farm Name: Crow Farm
Date: Year 3, Winter 24 (Starry Night! Hanging out w Leia XD)
Money: 1,004,349G (my first million Q^Q)

Dog: Sora
Cat: Riku
Horse: Roxas

Chickens: Namine(4Hearts), Axel(7Hearts, One Bronze), Cloud(4), Leon(4), Demyx(3), Zexion(3), Xaldin(3, Xigbar(3)
Ducks: None as of yet~
Cows: Kiari(8), Vexen(3), Xemnas(2), Xion(3)
Sheep: Siax(8), Luxord(1), Marly(1), Ansem(1)

Harvest Sprites:
Red Team: Red Ribbon, Wooly, Liane, Essa, Betty, Chamy, Sue, Magic, Mick, Woohoo (Need: Ole, Bali)
Orange Team: Oran(ju), Bran, Peirre, Rosh, Tilus, Stony, Woody, Decoy, Alpen, Rocky, Valie (Need: Fen)
Yellow Team: Canary, Kali, Johnny, Brushy, Mouton, Boohoo, Canal, Meow, Beta, Aiylee, Pompom, Zoo COMPLEEETE~
Green Team: Forest, Fraw, Ridge, Ali, Veggie, Kevin, Kamar, Moor, Vali (Need: Cady, Paddy, Matthew)
Indigo Team: Blue, Paige, Fisher, Riviera, Reese (Need: Fry, Rod, Gigi, Pedro, Tricky, Sammy, Yatch)
Purple Team: Anime, Powery, Koto, Spirity, Souly (Need: Violetto, Nette, Whitney, Juna, Sante, Carey, Sacci)
Blue Team: Ceruleano, Chiori, Walter, Rainy, Misty, Roli, Karaf, Eviran, Owen (Need: Joro, Patty)
Other Sprites: Guts, Roller, Hops, Tep, Jum, Jet, Baby, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Need: Pluto)
TOTAL: 77 Spites


Fry Pan Dishes: Complete!
Pot Dish: Needed: Mountain Stew
Oven Dish: Complete!
Mixer Dish: Complete!
Steamer Dish: Needed: Steamed Egg, Chinese Bun
No Tool Dish: Needed: Mayo L, Mushroom Rice
You may have noticed a theme; I have no shiitake XD
TOTAL: 129

House Lvl 3
Animal Shed x2 (Stone, Stone)
Bird Shed x2 (Lumber, Lumber)
Silo (Stone)
Lumber Shed (Lumber)
Stone Shed (Stone)
Maker Shed (Stone)
Mushroom Shed (Stone): In the making. Gotz is at it now XD
NEEDED: Bathroom, Toilet, Basements 1,2,3, Gold Shed, Dick Pond, Villa
Total: 10

Needed: Chicken Egg L, Duck Egg S,M,L, Mayo L, Shiitake S,M,L, Toadstool M,L, Matsutake M,L, Mythic Stone, Bottled Message, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Perfume, Title Bonus, H.Goddess Present, Gold Lumber, 10,000G Ticket, 100,000G Ticket, Mountain Stew, Steamed Egg, Chinese Bun, Pickled Turnip, Mushroom Rice
TOTAL: 247

I'll go more into this when I've fished more...

Needed: All Cursed Tools(sans axe), All Cursed Accessories (sans time ring and Kappa Hat), Wonderfuls, Mythic Stone
All Mines Unlocked (haven't gone in the 4th yet, though)

Material: Approximate!
Lumber: 742
Stone: 736
Gold: One or Two in my Cabinet

Harvest Cards!
Common: 71/625
Uncommon: 36/625
Rare: 22/625
Very: 12/625
Super: 2/625 (Girl Etype: Baby and Lamb XD)
TOTAL: 143


Title: Apprentice Level 10 (I CANNOT DEFEAT IT!)
Birthday: Summer 6
Tools: All Mystrile
Milker: Level 4
Clippers: Level 1
Medals: 980 (approx)
Animal Care High Scores:
Petting: 17977
Milking: 26500
Shearing: 17142
Brushing: 12480

Most villagers are above 100FP, all girls over 250FP
All boys were once at Red Heart and many are now at green/blue because I'm setting off all the Rival Events (except Marlin's since I hate Celia...) Skye is also at Red because I stopped seeing him after viewing his marraige and haven't spoken to him since XD Once year Four hits I'll be marrying them all off~
The Witch Princess is at Blue, Leia is at Orange, Harvest Goddess at Blue and Keria at Black
Currently levelin up the Mineral Town boys! Most are at blue or green
Unmarried and without child~ Plan to marry Cliff!

Okay.... That's pretty much it right?


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